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Country duo Pryor & Lee to Hold a Livestream Concert For the Benefit of Animal Shelters [Video]



  • Country duo Pryor and Lee share their love for dogs with their fans by having a new single “Good Ol’ Dogs & God.”
  • The pair announced that they are going to hold a special livestream concert on June 23.
  • Pryor and Lee partner with Greater Good Charities as they intend to share the proceeds of the Livestream concert with animal shelters around the world.

Though country duo Pryor & Lee vaguely remember their very first pets, they claim that they are dog lovers. And we believe them.

Lee and Pryor Baird created the country duo Pryor & Lee back in January of 2020. They both came from the reality singing competition The Voice.

Pryor Baird says his first dog was a mutt named Dusty while Kaleb Lee’s first pet was a dog, who loved to eat dirt, named Kyle.

The pair remember how they absolutely loved those dogs.

“There is no love like a dog’s love for their people,” Lee told PEOPLE in an interview. “I don’t care how bad your day was or how s—ty of a person you might be that day. It doesn’t matter. They love you no matter what. The closest thing we can liken it to is God’s love for us.”

The 35-year-old Lee added: “That’s a love worth singing about, because there is nothing like it.”

This spiritual belief leads to the creation of their new single “Good Ol’ Dogs & God,” which was written by their producer Doug Johnson.


“We absolutely love our dogs. They are just as much of our family as anyone else, and Doug knew that. So, he ended up playing this song for us that he had just written. And as soon as we heard it, we fell in love with it.”

Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot

“Good Ol’ Dogs & God” now becomes an anthem of sorts for people who work hard to ensure that pets are being taken care of. Pryor & Lee will feature the heartfelt song at a special livestream concert on Wednesday, June 23 at 7 p.m. CST.

Pryor & Lee partnered with nonprofit Greater Good Charities to connect with 130 humane organizations, rescues, and shelters across the country and other countries like Brazil, Canada, and Puerto Rico to take the touching song to the masses.

“We are doing this show at no cost to them, simply so they can use it for whatever they need, whether that is for awareness or to raise money to fulfill a mission that they have,” explains Lee of the concert, in which the country duo will be doing a special acoustic version of “Good Ol Dogs & God.”

Pryor agrees that these kind of organizations has become even more important during the pandemic.

“Pets were vitally important for all those people that didn’t have anyone over the quarantine and such. If they didn’t have anyone, these shelters allowed them to adopt a dog or cat or whatever they wanted. Companionship helped a lot of people get through some really tough times.”

Source: People