Couple wakes up to random dog in their bed

  • One morning, a woman woke up to find a dog snuggled next to her in her bed.
  • Neither she nor her husband had seen the dog before.
  • The dog’s family lives miles away from the couple’s home.

Julie Thorton Johnson awoke one morning earlier this week to a surprise.

A huge, sleeping dog was snuggled next to her on her bed – a dog she and her husband have never seen before. 

The Dodo

The Johnsons have three dogs who occasionally join them in bed, so it took a while for them to realize this dog wasn’t one of them.

Johnson told The Dodo:

“My husband said, ‘Julie. Whose dog is this?’ I rolled over, and for the first 10 seconds, we were just staring at each other. I said, ‘That’s not our dog.’”

The mystery dog, on the other hand, appeared to be perfectly content.

The Dodo

Johnson and her husband were taken aback by their surprising new bedmate at first, but it soon became evident that the puppy wasn’t there to cause any harm.

Johnson said the dog was just laying on their pillows, trying to snuggle.

Johnson, a dog lover, opted to cuddle up to her while trying to figure out where the dog came from.

The Dodo

A huge storm had passed through the neighborhood overnight, and Johnson believes the dog had become disoriented and was looking for shelter. She must have entered through a back door that the couple had left open.

Johnson took a couple of images of the furry guest and shared them on social media in the hopes that the dog’s owner would see them. That, indeed, solved the problem.

The Dodo

Soon after, the dog’s owner who lives a few miles away contacted Johnson. The pup, who is called Nala, apparently went missing while on a walk the day before.

“We were a safe place, and she knew it,” Johnson said. “Nala’s moms came right over and picked her up. It was a really happy reunion.”

When the storm hit and she couldn’t find her way back home, Nala sought refuge with strangers.

The Dodo

Nala is back in her mother’s arms. Meanwhile, the Johnsons are overjoyed to have such a sweet pup invading their house (and bed). 

The Johnsons reconnected with Nala lately – this time on purpose. They planned a playdate with their pets and the new puppy who had snuck into their bed and right into their hearts.

“It was wonderful. We got to know Nala’s parents. It opened up a real friendship,” said Johnson. “If they ever need a dog sitter, I think we’ve proven we can be trusted.”

Source: The Dodo

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Love stories like this

Great story! We have had many rescued and abused doggies over the years and they have been our best friends!


Imagine their surprise ! Lovely story.