Cuban Immigrant Celebrates ‘First Paycheck in America’ In Heartwarming Viral Video

  • A video of new US citizen Yoel Diaz expressing his joy after receiving his first American paycheck has gone viral.
  • Diaz says that this is his first hourly paycheck as a UPS driver and that he feels that each hour was counted.
  • Diaz received more than what he was paid hourly when he worked as a professor in Cuba.

Sometimes it takes a video of a person appreciating his first paycheck in America to remind us that one time or another, we also found happiness in achieving the American dream.  

Yoel Diaz worked as a professor in Cuba, earning around $13 an hour.  Yoel immigrated to America under a K-1 visa and was allowed to work when he got his Social Security number.   

When the 37-year-old got his first paycheck as a seasonal UPS driver, his appreciation was so clear that his video went viral.

Photo Credit: @mimaincuba (Instagram)

His wife Marissa was behind the camera and Yoel asked to film him as he proudly got out his first paycheck from his pocket and kissed it.  Yoel said that this was his first hourly paycheck that he felt each hour counted.

For Yoel, it was indeed a cause for celebration to be able to work hard for something— an emotion that he cannot compare to anything. As one commentator wrote, “So refreshing to see his joy in the mundane aspects of American life that too many of us take for granted.”

Photo Credit: @mimaincuba (Instagram)

When she told her to look at the taxes, Yoel said, “I prefer this than Fidel Castro.  Fidel took more. Communism took more.”

Marissa has been filming her husband’s experiences in the USA and this one was indeed very memorable for Yoel. 

Source: Good News Network

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