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Dad Gives Her Cat a Box Ride Every Night



  • When Selina became part of her new family, she became especially close to her dad. 
  • Both of them are inseparable and they absolutely love doing things together!
  • Now, their best bonding happens every night and that’s a box ride!

Selina was lucky to be adopted by her new family after she was abandoned. Since then, she and her have been very close.

“He loves to carry her around like a baby,” a family member, Divya Krishnan, told The Dodo. 

The two of them have been inseparable and their bond is quite special. One night, when dad came home from work, they accidentally started a fun bonding activity that has since become a routine every night — and that’s a box ride!

Selina’s favorite thing to do aside from cuddling with her dad, was relaxing in a box. That particular night though, as she was laying there, dad decided to move the box and pulled it with Selina still inside — and she was having so much fun!

“He wanted to move the box one night while she was in it and then next minute she was in the box having the time of her life so now he always keeps at least two boxes upstairs for her to have a ride,” Divya said.

Now, every night dad arrives from work, Selina would be by the door waiting for him and they would both go upstairs to do their little fun game! Selina loves it so much she refuses to end the day without it!

Photo Credit: Divya Krishnan

“It always happens in the evening, same time,” Divya said. 

Of course, dad loves to do that for her! But at times when dad isn’t feeling like playing, Selina would not stop crying until she gets what she wants! 

Selina loves dad so much and the box ride every night, and apparently, dad loves her back just as much because he doesn’t mind the nightly routine at all!


Source: The Dodo