Disabled Goldfish Gets A Custom ‘Wheelchair’ From Owner [Video]

  • Korean fashion designer Henry Kim is an aquarium enthusiast who lost a number of his goldfish from swim bladder disease.
  • Swim bladder disease makes a fish swim upside down or on its side and float up.
  • He designed a flotation device that holds the fish upright to prevent it from floating up or falling down the bottom of a tank.

There is hope for goldfish parents when their fish suffer from swim bladder disease— a flotation device that allows their fish to stay afloat and extend their life.

Swim bladder disease is actually a symptom or disorder that affects the bladder of goldfish. It can be due to a number of different causes like constipation from being fed pellets. When you see your fish swimming upside down, or on its side, then your fish is suffering from the disease.

Korean Fashion designer Henry Kim keeps more than 20 goldfish in his three different aquariums in his house in Seoul, South Korea. He observed that many of his goldfish died due to the disease and so he set out to develop a device to keep his fishes afloat. With the help of research and tutorials on Google, Henry used plastic components to make into a fish “wheelchair”.

The harness is a loop that holds the goldfish upright to prevent it from falling to the bottom or floating on top.

Photo Credit: Henry Kim

Henry said, ‘Fish with this issue only live a couple of months, but thanks to this device, one of my fish has lived to be five months old. ‘My wheelchair helps them stay afloat and have a longer life.’

Source: Daily Mail

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