Dad is Dog’s Own Hero: Man Catches Pup Falling from Rooftop [Video]

  • John Alexander Palomino Bendives’ homecoming could have ended in tragedy had he not been quick on his feet.
  • His dog Mina and the other pups were excitedly waiting for him from their four-story rooftop apartment when Mina suddenly fell to the ground.
  • John miraculously caught Mina and averted a disaster.

John Alexander Palomino Bendives has been working non-stop for two weeks in the field.  He is so looking forward to a break and to being with his mother and his four dogs in their apartment in Peru.

But what he got was not a break but an adrenaline rush that could have ended in disaster had he not been quick to spring into action.

Their family’s apartment is located on the rooftop of a four-story building.  As John and his girlfriend drove through the parking area, his beloved dog Mina and the other pups were excitedly waiting and looking at them over the railing.

But out of sheer joy to be reunited with John, Mina must have slipped or misjudged the height from where she was and the ground, she leaped and began falling! 

Photo Credit: John Alexander Palomino Bendives

Seeing Mina’s fall, John immediately sprung to catch her!

Mina would have had serious injuries or even died had John not caught her in time.  Thankfully, she was ok and unharmed according to John. “Mina was happy and grateful, as you can see in the video. She didn’t stop wagging her tail out of happiness.”

Photo Credit: John Alexander Palomino Bendives

Disaster averted but John said they are going to put up a mesh (barrier) on the roof and prevent the beloved pups from falling from the rail.  “I love my pets very much. They always receive me with a lot of love and emotion. The time I spend at home, I try to spend as much time as possible with them.”

Source: The Dodo

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Great catch! You sir are a Hero!