Dog Found Sleeping On Trash Bags To Keep Warm Transforms With TLC

  • A poor dog was abandoned in a dump and lived a miserable life of hunger and no shelter.
  • She was rescued by the Pooches Out of Puerto Rico and given veterinary care and treatment.
  • She was named Stella and got adopted by a loving family which greatly contributed to her complete transformation.

A pup was left in a dump and had no choice but to survive by sleeping on trash bags to keep her warm and scavenging for food.  She was so tiny from malnutrition and had various health problems like scabies, mange, hookworms and roundworms.

When ‘Pooches Out of Puerto Rico’ rescued her, she weighed only 9 pounds.

Photo Credit: Heather Martin

Luckily, Heather Martin wanted to add a new furry member to her family and she learned of the pup who was named Stella by the organization.

Martin said, “A coworker shared with me about Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, so my husband and I looked into them. We fell in love [with Stella] instantly.”

Photo Credit: Heather Martin

Stella had the qualities of a pup that they wanted: “loving, sweet, playful, curious super chewer, who loves to be in the sun”.  But the poor pup still needed veterinary care in order for her to be adopted.

After treatment, she was fit to go to her new home.  And with tender love and care that was showered on Stella by the Martin family, the poor pup has transformed into a beautiful pup.

Photo Credit: Heather Martin

Inspired by Stella’s success story, the family has led to a new pup getting adopted by the family for Stella to have a sibling.

Martin said, “Stella has been a ray of sunshine. [She] knows when we need love and will cuddle us. She wants nothing but love and truly is perfect.”

Source: The Dodo

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love a happy ending!

This is happy news. I am so glad the little dog found a forever loving family, We should find the other people that had her, and do the same thing to them. God Bless this family.