Dog Happy To See His Dad Again After Gaining His Eyesight Back [Video]

  • Bob the dog has been losing his eyesight due to cataracts in his eyes and it was making him quiet, sad and missing how his dad looked.
  • His vet, Mércia Amaro, is a veterinary ophthalmologist who believes that with cataract surgery, Bob would have his eyesight back.
  • After surgery, Bob has transformed into his happy self and is able to see his dad’s face again.

Bob the dog has always loved running over and welcoming his dad when he comes home.  But Bob developed cataracts in both his eyes and slowly lost his eyesight which made him bump into the furniture.

It also made him sad and quiet. He could not even remember how his dad looked anymore.

Mércia Amaro, Bob’s vet, is a veterinary ophthalmologist and she knew there was a way to bring the happy dog back.  She knew that Bob’s vision could be restored.  They just have to perform cataract surgery.  And so, she talked with Bob’s dad for Bob to undergo the procedure.

True enough, the veil that shadowed Bob’s eyes was lifted after the surgery. Amaro said, “Right after the operation, he already showed encouraging signs. “He kept looking up at us, as if to say, ‘I can see!’”

Photo Credit: Reginaldo Santos

And Bob could not wait until he could show his dad that he could see! He had missed seeing his dad.

At the reunion the next day, Bob was back to his happy self as he came face to face again with his dad. Amaro recalled, “He totally transformed. There was so much joy. It was very moving.”

Photo Credit: Reginaldo Santos

Now that he is recovering at home, the furniture is no longer an obstacle on his way to being with his dad or anyone.  He could now run again and enthusiastically greet his dad at the door for he can now see his dad’s face as it lights up on seeing him.

The world is bright again, Bob!

Source: The Dodo

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That was some really, really great news. I learned the vets can be ophthamologists. I really did not know vets specialized in such specialities of vet practice.

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