Dog hates his cone and tries to break it — but cone wins

  • Yuri had an ear infection that required him to wear a cone for a week to prevent him from scratching his ears.
  • Yuri tried so many times to remove the cone to break it for good.
  • Unfortunately, there were no successful attempts, Yuri had ended up stuck in the cone for many times!

Furry pup Yuri had an ear infection, which required him to wear a cone for a week so he wouldn’t scratch his ear, but Yuri didn’t like the idea.

Photo Credit: Mohammad Ali/The Dodo

Probably giving him a little discomfort, Yuri managed to take it off several times, but to no avail. His family, of course, kept putting it back on him every time it was worn off.

When the cone-wearing week was finally over, no one was as thrilled as Yuri, who was very excited to take his revenge on the cone.

One day, while playing, Yuri noticed that the cone was just lying freely in the garden. Having no second thought, Yuri jumped on the cone, trying to destroy it, only to be beaten by the innocent cone.

Yuri’s head got stuck in it!

Photo Credit: Mohammad Ali/The Dodo

“Whilst I was in the kitchen I realized that Yuki was not around, so I had a look in the garden, and there he was standing in shame,” Mohammad Ali, Yuki’s dad, told The Dodo.

Quickly, his dad freed Yuri from the cone and clearly saw the guilt look on the pup’s face.

Photo Credit: Mohammad Ali/The Dodo

The sight Ali spotted was still hilarious, even though he saw it many times already.

“He never learns his lesson,” Ali said of his dog who tried to outsmart his cone repeatedly before — and would always end up bested.

Maybe one day, Yuki. One day.

Source: The Dodo

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