Dog Interrupts Live Broadcast When He Steals Reporter’s Mic [Video]

Dog Interrupts Live Broadcast When He Steals Reporter's Mic

  • A weather report was cut short when a dog suddenly snatched the reporter’s mic during a live broadcast.
  • As the reporter gave chase, the broadcast had to turn back to the news anchor in the studio.
  • When the weather segment returned, the reporter seemed to have become good friends with the pup, who only wanted to play.

Russian reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina was providing a weather update during a live broadcast when she was interrupted by a playful dog who made off with her mic.

Serezhkina had barely started her live weather report for MIR24 when the dog stole the spotlight — and her microphone.

Photo Credit: FACEBOOK/МИР 24

Given the microphone’s colorful appearance, the playful dog might have mistaken it for a toy. The pup quickly leaped into the air to snatch the mic from the reporter’s hands.

He then quickly took off! Serezhkina had no choice but to run after him to get back her mic as the broadcast returned to the news anchor back in the studio.

The anchor was also surprised but remained professional. She decided to give another report while Serezhkina’s side tried to regain control of the situation.

A few minutes later, Serezhkina returned with an adorable update.

Watch the situation unfold in the video below:

Собака украла микрофон во время прямого эфира выпуска новостей

👉 Собака вырвала микрофон у корреспондента телеканала МИР во время прямого эфира выпуска новостей Никто из съемочной группы не пострадал, досталось только микрофону.

Posted by Мир 24 on Thursday, April 1, 2021

Serezhkina was definitely caught off guard, but she was not injured in the incident.

It turns out that Martin the dog did not mean any harm. He was only looking for a new playmate.

Photo Credit: FACEBOOK/МИР 24

Martin may have taken the attention away from Serezhkina’s weather report, but his sudden contribution definitely added a little more fun to the news segment.

Martin and Serezhkina also seemed to part ways as friends — their eventful meeting ended with the two of them shaking paw and hand.


Source: The Dodo

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