Dog keeps a secret relationship from fur mom [Video]

  • Murphy likes meeting new friends.
  • One time, his mom spotted him enjoying getting pets by a hand through an opening in their fence.
  • Apparently, the hand belongs to their neighbor, and the two have formed a special kind of bonding in that backyard peek.

Murphy is a happy-go-lucky dog who can’t live without friends around. He’s a natural people pup who, so far, likes every person he meets.

His being extra friendly could be the reason why he has made a new relationship, something his owner found out, well, a little late.

A couple of months ago, Murphy’s mom Jo-Hannah Jamieson let him out in the backyard — a usual activity Murphy has in a day. But that day, Jo-Hannah was surprised that Murphy went straightaway to the back of the yard. In no time, she saw a hand through a fence hole, as if already expecting Murphy for their usual meetup. And Murphy? He was having the time of his life!


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Apparently, the hand belongs to Jo-Hannah’s neighbor and Jo-Hannah was clueless exactly when their small dates have begun. There’s one thing she’s certain, though: it’s not a one-time thing.

“Every time I let Murphy out, he goes to the back fence to see if [my neighbor] is there,” the fur mom told The Dodo. “I think Murphy gets at least one pet a day [from him].”

Jo-Hannah doesn’t take the neighbor’s petting on her dog with hard feelings. She understands that maybe Murphy likes being pet by someone else “for a change.” Besides, they have been with each other quite a lot especially with the lockdowns and work-from-home setup.

“…I’m the only person he speaks to. So, I think he likes getting pets from someone else for a change. But I’m happy he gets a bit of socialization. He definitely loves company. [It’s] nice to know that Murphy has neighbors who like him,” Jo-Hannah said.

Photo Credit: Jo-Hannah Jamieson/The Dodo

When things return to normal, Jo-Hannah thought that having a proper meeting with the neighbor would be a good idea, so Murphy can finally meet him. But for now, Murphy is pleased enough with being pet by the hand behind the fence.

Source: The Dodo

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