Dog makes a huge mess in vet clinic after getting neutered [Video]

dog makes a mess in vet clinic after getting neutered

  • When LeLo was brought to the vet clinic, he had no idea about what was going to happen.
  • He woke up to realize that he was neutered — and made a complete mess in the clinic!
  • The vet couldn’t hold it against the pup, who has since calmed down and recovered from his ordeal.

Meet LeLo. He recently went to a vet clinic for something that he was completely unprepared for: getting neutered.

Photo Credit: Jéssica Possari Rodrigues

When LeLo was brought to ClíniCão in Brazil, he had no idea what was going to happen next.

Getting neutered is a routine surgery that’s beneficial to individual dogs and dog populations in general, but it can still come as quite a shock.

So when LeLo woke up from his anesthesia later on, he was shocked to see what he was missing. He escaped from his kennel and trashed the place!

Veterinarian Jéssica Possari was surprised by how much mess LeLo made. “I think he was upset about the whole situation,” she said.

It was a total mess! A lot of stuff were torn up, including a wire, and trash was scattered everywhere.

Jéssica was shocked by how much mess a single dog can do, but despite having to clean up the aftermath, she couldn’t hold it against LeLo.

LeLo wasn’t injured during his messy tantrum, and has since recovered. He perhaps even came to terms with his newly neutered status.

Photo Credit: Jéssica Possari Rodrigues

Jéssica shared, “He is doing very well, free to run around again.”

Still, the staff at the vet clinic have considered keeping a closer eye on LeLo from now on.

“His personality is very calm and affectionate in front of us,” the vet shared. “But he can be pretty mischievous behind our backs.”

Source: The Dodo

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