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Dog Obsessed With Sticks Tried To Bring a Fallen Telephone Pole Home! [Video]



  • Gaia has been obsessed with sticks since she was just a pup.
  • Every time she’s out with her dad for a walk, she always finds sticks and is always determined to carry them home.
  • One time, she found the biggest stick in her life and for the first time she failed to carry it — because it was actually a fallen telephone pole.

Gaia was born a very sweet and kind pup. But sometimes she gets obsessed with things— especially sticks.

She seemed to have set her life goal to find the best stick every time she goes out, and her dad is of course very supportive of that.

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Photo Credit: Taylor Konochuk

“She is very particular about what size sticks she likes … I can usually find one I know she’ll like and then she’ll proudly carry it for the duration of our walk,” Gaia’s dad, Taylor Kononchuk, told The Dodo. “She will yell (bark) at me if I don’t throw her stick but then when I try to get it she prances around me in circles playing keep-away.” 

Her motto is “the bigger, the better.” She picks up however big it is — she definitely loves sticks!

One day, Gaia was out with her dad for a walk when she suddenly stopped walking. As you can tell, she’d seen the biggest stick she’s ever seen in her life and she was determined to take it home!

But what was it really? A telephone pole that had fallen!

It was big indeed! And Gaia tried her best to pick it up but failed every time. Taylor can’t help but laugh at how hilarious and adorable at the same time Gaia was. Looking at how determined she was, Taylor was hesitant to tell her it wasn’t a stick, but actually a pole, and a heavy one.

At some point, Gaia gave up, but her dad certainly admires her determination. So they continued their way and Gaia tried to find a more manageable stick for her to carry around.

Photo Credit: Taylor Konochuk

Surely, whatever it is that she fancies, her dad will support her all the time!

Source: The Dodo