Dog patiently waits for her favorite garbage collector every week

  • Lily the Labrador enjoys spending time in her front yard and waggles her tail at every passer-by.
  • Lily soon found a friend in David, the neighborhood garbage collector. 
  • She waits for her best pal in her yard every Friday for the past two years.

Lily the Labrador has been waiting for her best pal in her yard every Friday for the past two years. This friend is dependable, always stopping to offer her food, and playing with her as he passes by.

That man is David, the garbage collector in the neighborhood.

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Lily has always enjoyed spending time in her Bedford, New Hampshire, front yard. She enjoys sitting and watching people pass by the house, and she is always ready to protect her family from any nasty squirrels that dare to invade the territory.

Lily had always hoped that someone would stop by and say hello. She waggled her tail at every passer-by, including mailmen and canvassers. However, no one was paying attention to her.


Lily, a smart dog, saw that her owners put trash containers out every Thursday night, and a guy came to take them away every Friday. Lily knew she’d be friends with this guy shortly.

“Their relationship has blossomed into the sweetest thing,” said Ishaan Chatterjee, one of Lily’s owners. “We actually give [our garbage man] holiday gifts every year to show our appreciation for how he treats Lily.”

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Lily’s friendship with David is unique. While Lily loves everyone, including those who aren’t fond of dogs, Chatterjee can see there’s a deeper connection with David.

Though it may have something to do with the treats in David’s pockets, Chatterjee feels Lily’s friendship with David is also a sign of her ability to see the best of humanity. Whoever you are and whatever you do,  if you are good to her, she will always be kind to you.

The Dodo

“She shows us how to be more kind to others!” Chatterjee said. “It’s amazing what we can learn from animals.”

Source: The Dodo

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