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Dog Photo Shoot Turned Out Hilarious from What Was Originally Planned



  • The Giglio family’s dog Lilo is obsessed with dog treats.
  • They had the idea of hiring a photographer to capture pictures of Lilo catching treats midair because they thought the photos would be cute.
  • The result turned out differently, but to them the hilarious pictures were perfect.

Tina Giglio and her family opened up their home to temporarily foster Lilo, a rescue dog, when she was about 3 weeks old.

Tina Giglio

Before long, the Giglio family had grown attached to the dog and giving her up was not an option anymore, so they moved to the sign adoption papers and gave Lilo permanence.

Lilo is the sweetest dog that ever lived, says the family. Lilo from the beginning has always been loving towards everybody that she has had crossed paths with, whether it be a person or another dog. She is obsessed with cuddling and can be protective of those she loves.

Giglio told The Dodo that, “She is the most loving, most reliable, most loyal dog you can imagine,”

Lilo has a very intense liking to treats, as is the case for most dogs.

One day, Tina received a photo calendar featuring funny pictures of dogs catching treats midair. This instantly made her think of her dog who is also obsessed with treats.

Tina Giglio

It was then that she had Lilo photographed catching treats the same way. The family then hired a professional photographer to set up a photoshoot for the dog, in hopes of capturing the same kind of photo.

The photoshoot turned out differently. The dog was not as graceful as they were hoping for, and the resulting pictures bring with it a different kind of happy.

“She is well-trained so it was no problem for her to sit still in every position we told her,” Giglio said. “Only problem … she was too fast by catching the treats because she is obsessed with them.”

The photographer took photos of Lilo as she snatched up each treat thrown her way…

Tina Giglio

… and nobody could stop themselves from laughing after seeing the results.

Tina Giglio

The end results were not what the Giglio family originally had in mind when they set up the shoot, but to them, the pictures were perfect because it was Lilo. The pictures captured the silliness and goofiness of their dog. That is why they know that they are happy with the funny photos they ended up with.

“We got a few fantastic pictures … to laugh at, to wonder at and still fall in love with,” Giglio said.

Source: The Dodo