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Dog Walks Right Up To A Bartender and Orders Himself A Treat [Video]



  • These days, restaurants and stores have been stocking up on treats for dogs of clients who come into their shops.
  • This video doing the rounds on the internet shows a dog, ordering a treat for himself.
  • The dog even looks back at his owner to confirm whose tab it was charged to.

You better believe it. There is a video to prove it and it has been giving viewers the feel-good vibes. And this could be the cutest and funniest video you will get to see this week.

Dogs get puppuccinos from your favorite coffee shop or ice cream and treats from stores and restaurants these days.  There is no shortage of establishments serving goodies to canine clients.

@fredo_sauce_86 Best part of work is getting to serve peoples 4 legged friends! #fyp #dogs #puppylove #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

This happened to TikTok user @fredo_sauce_86.  Usually, he goes around giving treats to pups of clients at a Colorado Springs brewing company, where he tends the bar. But this doggo went straight up to him, ordered a treat and got served!

Viewers could not help but comment on what the dog was thinking.  Just like @Sally Strain who wrote: “Just…just put it on my mom’s tab!” Ha!” And to confirm, the dog looked back to wherever his owner was, to show who to charge the order to. @Kayla Renee seconded with, “The dog, ‘Better make sure no one is looking.’ 😂.”

Photo Credit: @fredo_sauce_86 (TikTok)

The following comments made the scene even more hilarious. @chaos gremlin said, “Give me the strongest thing you got. In fact, make it a double. He looks like he could use it. LOL! ” And melctheartist followed it up with: 🐕 is smart make friends with the bartender lol 😁.” And @MidEvlDed ended it with “You forgot to check his ID.”

Which the bartender forgot to ask but the dog got served anyway.

What could possibly be cuter than that?  Order a drink next time, buddy!

Source: Pet Helpful