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Dog Who Survived Fire Gives Hope To Other Burn Victims As A Therapy Dog



  • Taka was severely burned in a house fire in 2018.
  • He survived and the burns on his face, paws and stomach are healed but he has lost most of his eyesight.
  • Taka was trained as a therapy dog because of his sweet temperament and fighting spirit and now serves as an inspiration for other burn victims.   

In 2018, a terrible house fire burned Taka’s paws, stomach and face. The burns also took most of his eyesight.

With the enormity of his medical needs, care and treatment, his family had no choice but to surrender him. 

Fortunately, veterinarian Emily Martin took on the responsibility with the help of professionals at Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.  They gave him the attention, care, affection and love that he needed in order to heal.  One of its workers, Crystal Lesley, even became his fur mom, when she adopted him.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Taka remained a very sweet-natured and gentle dog even with the extreme pain that he had to endure all throughout his therapy. His burns have healed but his eyesight became very limited.  But his sweet temperament and love for humans never wavered which prompted Crystal to train him as a therapy dog.

Crystal said, “[He] is the strongest, bravest little fighter you will ever meet. He is an extremely feisty dog and nothing gets him down. He loves life!”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Taka visits burn centers to meet with other burn victims and serve as an inspiration to persevere and not to lose hope.  “Recovery is a painful task but you can do it” must be Taka’s battle cry for all those he meets.

Crystal excitedly shared that “Taka is the hero of a new coloring book that was made and put out by the burn center, so he got to go around and help [hand] them out to the children. He seemed to love it.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Now 12, Taka is slowing down but still makes occasional visits to burn centers.  His ability to be a light for others in their dark moments is a reminder for all to not lose hope.

Source: Inspire More