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Dog Won’t Return $5 Dad Gave him to Stop Barking [Video]



  • Dipper, a 6-month-old Australian shepherd, has quite a sassy, opinionated personality.
  • One night, his parents were preparing for bedtime when he started barking to let his parents know that he wasn’t ready to sleep yet.
  • His dad jokingly offered him $5 to stop barking — cash that he didn’t want to return afterward!

Meet Dipper. The 6-month-old Australian shepherd is “generally pretty mild-mannered,” said his mom, Jamie Fenn. But the adventurous pup also has quite a sassy, opinionated personality — one that his parents quickly learned.

Dog Won't Return $5 Dad Gave him to Stop Barking
Photo Credit: Instagram/dipper_theaussie

Jamie said that they even jokingly nickname him “aushole” for such times.

When Dipper’s parents were preparing to sleep one night, the energetic pup just wasn’t ready for bed yet. So he decided to make his feelings known by barking constantly.

Dipper’s dad, Atwood Cohoon Gallego, offered him five dollars as a joke to see if it would get him to stop barking.

It worked — the barking stopped!

But when Atwood reached for his $5 bill, Dipper would not give it back.

The pup kept tilting his head away from his dad’s hand, as if to say, “Finders keepers!”

Dog Won't Return $5 Dad Gave him to Stop Barking
Photo Credit: TikTok/dippertheaussie

Well, his dad did give him the $5 willingly, so why shouldn’t Dipper keep his cash?

His dad really wanted to get his money back, but he also couldn’t stop laughing at Dipper’s reaction.

After several moments of trying to catch Dipper and the $5 bill, his parents were finally able to outmaneuver him.

Jamie shared, “We managed to trick him shortly after the video ended. We didn’t want him to start eating his newfound wealth.”

Dipper lost his five dollars almost just as quickly as he got it, but at least he now knows what it’s like to have cash. His parents may have to figure out a new plan to get him to stop barking at bedtime, though — perhaps something that doesn’t involve money?


You can follow Dipper on Instagram and TikTok.

Source: The Dodo