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Dogs Know That Mom Is Pregnant So They Act Like Her Personal Bodyguards –Even Delivery Man Can’t Come Near Their House!



  • Dogs Rocky and Diogee have become obsessed with their mom’s belly as it grew larger and larger.
  • Clearly knowing that she is pregnant, the dogs have taken it upon them to protect her all the time.
  • Even delivery drivers can’t even come near because they act like security guards!

There is no way Jess Christoffers could ever doubt that her dogs couldn’t tell she’s pregnant. Of course, they could!

Both pups, Rocky and Diogee, have become totally obsessed with her belly as it grew larger and larger.

Photo by Jess Christoffers

“They both rest on my belly all the time,” Jess told The Dodo. “Rocky more, though.”

About a month ago, Jess adopted Rocky to be Diogee’s companion. “I knew Diogee would need a friend to stay busy with when the baby comes,” she said.

But instead of them both getting busy playing with each other, they teamed up to watch their pregnant mom all day, making sure she’s safe.

Photo by Jess Christoffers

They’re both constantly attached to me,” Jess said. “Diogee used to greet my boyfriend at the door but now he sits up and just stays with me.”

Dogs are really smart animals. They can detect the changes in their owner’s body, behavior, and mood, making them extra protective. 

Diogee and Rocky clearly have these skills. They have served as security guards of their mom wherever she goes this past month!

Photo by Jess Christoffers

“[Diogee] guards the house like a madman lately,” Jess said. “Delivery drivers don’t even like coming near our living room window. It’s gotten worse closer to the due date.”

Fortunately, since Jess works at a daycare center for dogs, the pups get to play with other dogs and take a break from their security duties.


In a few weeks’ time, there will soon be a new member of the family — and the pups are undoubtedly excited to meet their little sibling.

Jess is confident that her pups Diogee and Rocky will also be protective of the baby as much as they are protective of her. 

Source: The Dodo