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Family Throws Party to Celebrate Senior Dog’s 13th Birthday! [Video]



  • Bailey just turned 13 years old last week — a milestone that definitely has to be celebrated.
  • While he is growing older and older, the love he receives is getting stronger and stronger.
  • So his family threw a party, complete with cake, candles, singing, and gifts—which all made the beloved senior dog extremely happy!

Bailey has celebrated many birthdays in his long life. But even if he is now getting older and older, the happiness he brings to his family has still very much remained the same.

Photo Credit: Katie D’Souza

And the love his family feels for him only grows stronger and stronger with time.

Bailey turned 13 years old earlier this month. While it could’ve just passed by like a normal day, his family knew that just won’t do. So they decided to celebrate Bailey’s 13 wonderful years of being their endless source of joy.

To make the day merrier, his whole family threw a party — and he was extremely happy!

Photo Credit: Katie D’Souza

Of course, no birthday party is ever complete without the cake, the blowing of the candles, and the singing of the “Happy Birthday” song dedicated to the celebrant.

It was such a joy to watch Bailey enjoying the moment!

Posted by Katie D'Souza on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bailey also received toys for his special day.

But beyond all the treats he’s received, it was the love of his family and their presence that made his day especially memorable. After all, his family is the greatest gift of all in his life. 

Bailey undoubtedly deserves the best! All his life, he gave others happiness. So his family gifted him this adorable birthday celebration to give him back the happiness he has brought into their lives.

Photo Credit: Katie D’Souza

“Happy 13th birthday to our boy BAILEY!” his family wrote. “He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!”

Source: The Dodo