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Fisherman and Seal Develop Decade-Long Friendship [Video]



  • A kind fisherman developed a decade-long friendship with a seal when the adorable creature poked her head out of the water to search for food.
  • Nicholas Lewis, a crab and lobster fisherman, has been taking care of Shauna the seal every day since he met her back in 2010.
  • The two spend their afternoons together every day, even after Shauna lost her eyesight.

A heartwarming decade-long friendship has developed between a fisherman and a seal.

Shauna the seal was just a pup when she encountered Nicholas Lewis back in 2010. She was searching for some food so she poked her head out of the water. Nicholas thought that Shauna meant to “say hello.”

The two has since become friends as the sociable Shauna kept greeting Nicholas at the steps at Peel Bay on the Isle of Man.

Nicholas, a crab and lobster fisherman and dad of four, has since considered Shauna as his own child.

He shared, “When she was just a little pup she’d appear and we’d always feed her and she became so confident and comfortable around us. I don’t think we’d go a single morning without her coming to say hello.”

He sees her every day since Shauna always follows Nicholas’ boat around the bay during the afternoon. She then enjoys a meal of two or three mackerel a day. She has since become beloved to the 41-year-old fisherman.

Photo Credit: SWNS

“She used to come up the steps to wait for us knowing that we’d be there in the morning,” Nicholas shared. “It was a bit startling at first seeing a seal waiting for you like you had an appointment. I love seeing her by my boat—she’s fascinating.

Shauna sadly started becoming blind in the last year.

She first started to lose sight in one eye in late 2019, when Nicholas noticed her left eye turning white. Six months later, both her eyes turned fully white and lost sight.


She eventually began to “bump into everything,” said Nicholas.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The kind fisherman now makes sure to take extra care of Shauna given her deteriorating condition. He said that he feels “more responsible than ever” for his best friend.

“I do worry now that she’s blind that she’ll struggle. We are having to help her out a lot more and I don’t know if she can manage on her own… Seeing her like this is a bit heartbreaking,” he shared.

This won’t keep the two apart, however, that’s for sure. Nicholas loves Shauna like a child and he makes sure not to take their bond for granted.

Source: Good News Network