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Florida Family Makes History: Four Sisters, Four Valedictorians



Quick Smiles:

  • An amazing statistical improbability unfolds as all four daughters in a Florida family clinch the title of valedictorian.
  • Tracey Rendina, mother as well as Math Department Chair at Astronaut High School, attributes their success to the girls’ impressive work ethic and continuous motivation to give their best.
  • The Rendina daughters persistently excel in their particular life stages, reflecting a strong legacy of dedication and the wisdom of making the most of everything accessible to them.

Imagine the pride and happiness when your child is named the high school valedictorian. Now, multiply this joy by four. A family in central Florida has done this, possibly making history when all four daughters of the family were declared valedictorian in their respective classes. The chances for such an event? 1 in 11 billion.

Introducing the Rendina sisters: Ryleigh, 18, Taylor, 20, Alisa, 22, and Makaley, 24. Despite graduating in different years, all of them crossed the same stage at their high school, earning the eminent academic title.

Tracey Rendina, mother to the girls and the Math Department Chair at Astronaut High School, shares this fascinating story. “We never pushed them to make all As. It was always, ‘You just do your best,’”, she explained.

Tracey further compliments, “‘As long as you’re doing your best, whatever that is, we’re content.’”

The eldest of the Rendina daughters, Makaley, seemed to ignite the valedictorian light that would then illuminate the path for her three younger siblings. Alisa, Taylor, and finally Ryleigh, all followed in her footsteps.

“With our fourth daughter knowing that all her sisters had earned the valedictorian title, I believe she felt a subtle pressure to achieve the same,” admits Tracey.


Tracey and her husband, Mike, have strived to create a nurturing environment for their daughters, celebrating their achievements and supporting them during challenging times. The entire family stood together through thick and thin, assuring each other, ‘It’s going to be OK. Whatever didn’t work out, you can bounce back from it.’”

It was about more than just academics; resilience and grit were values the Rendinas aimed to instill in their children. A shared sigh of relief was heard around the house when Ryleigh, the youngest, secured the valedictorian title for her 2024 graduating class.

“It feels like a victory for one is a victory for all.”

As they approach becoming “empty nesters,” Tracey and Mike continue to delight in their daughters’ success. Each young woman, in her own stage of life, proceeds to make her parents proud.

“The world is your oyster now,” states Tracey, encouraging them to “Go out and be amazing. Take advantage of everything available to you. Explore, be yourself, and enjoy what the world has to offer.”

Ryleigh, the youngest of the Rendina daughters, is set to follow her mother’s advice as she enrolls at the University of Florida in Gainesville to study biomedical engineering. With an impressive record of 800 hours of community service and involvement in athletics and church activities, she exemplifies the dynamic spirit of her family both inside and outside the classroom.