French Bulldog Has The Cutest Way Of Asking Neighbor For Treats [Video]

  • A video of a dog ringing a bell and waiting for something has the TikTok world abuzz.
  • In the video, Theo the French Bulldog rings the bell thrice before the neighbor tosses him a treat.
  • Viewers commented that service was slow as Theo had to wait before his neighbor gave him the treat.

Tiktok user @kimbullie really knows how to capture the viewers’ attention when a video of their French Bulldog, Theo, ringing a bell was posted. In the clip, Theo is looking up to a brick wall that belongs to their neighbor, while ringing the bell.

The first ring went unanswered.  The second one was still unanswered. By this time, the pup is getting impatient.


I ring my bell 🛎️ and my neighbours bring me treats 👍🏻 #frenchies #frenchbulldog #foryoupage #fyp #tiktok

♬ original sound – Theo Frenchie & Friends

On the third ring, a treat is tossed out to the waiting pup!  Theo then stands up and gobbles up the treat.  His persistence paid off!

TikTok users could not help but comment on the need for three rings.  @meatballs_mommy wrote, “What a good neighbor… even if the service was a tad slow LOL,” @felicitygpalmer added, “Service was a bit slow, l wouldn’t leave a tip.” and @louise_louise21 who noted Theo’s wait, “I love how impatient he was getting.” 


When you have smelt roast chicken cooking all afternoon and it’s time to ring for your share #frenchie

♬ The Chicken Wing Beat – Ricky Desktop

But on the other hand, you would think that Theo is a spoiled pup to be given a treat just by ringing a bell. It is reminiscent of a master just ringing a bell to deliver what they need.  And to think it was not his parents but the neighbor! But still, you also have to give Theo credit for making the neighbor answer his summons.

Now we know we have to be friendly with the neighbors for them to treat our dogs right.  Or leave our dogs to charm our neighbors to give them treats.  Whichever. Theo, his owners and the neighbor love each other.

Source: Pet Helpful

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