Fun-Loving Dog’s Sprinkler Obsession Turns Into Living Room Devastation

  • Baloo the dog loves to play with the backyard sprinkler to cool down in Texas’ record sizzling heat.
  • One day, Baloo decided to bring the sprinkler inside their house through the doggy door.
  • The whole room got drenched and various items got soaked with Baloo barking from happiness at the mess.

A five-month-old border collie, Baloo, lives up to his namesake in the movie “Jungle Book”.  He’s fun-loving and clumsy and manages to get himself into trouble.  But Baloo’s obsession with the backyard sprinkler might end up to be his biggest shenanigan yet.

The sprinkler is Baloo’s favorite water toy. Cara Wohr, Baloo’s mom said, “Trying to water my grass is a job because Baloo won’t stay off of it. He moves [the sprinkler], readjusts the settings and I have to constantly fix it. He absolutely loves it! The only way to get him off is to shut the sprinkler off. Then he paws at it and whimpers trying to restart it.”

Photo Credit: Cara Wohr

With this summer bringing in sizzling heat in Lake Dallas, Texas, Baloo thought of bringing the backyard sprinkler inside their living room to stay cool!

Wohr said that commotions are usual happenings in their household with five dogs in residence. But this one tops the list. 

She was just reading in her bedroom when she heard Baloo’s non-stop barking. And so, she went on to check what was happening. And lo and behold, the living room was being watered down with the sprinkler! Wohr said, “Since I already had my phone in hand, I got a burst shot of the situation before tossing the sprinkler back out through the doggy door.”

Photo Credit: Cara Wohr

Water was everywhere!  The TV, ceiling fan, lamp, photo albums, leather chair and coffee table were already soaked!  Baloo was playing with the sprinkler in the backyard and brought it inside! 

Wohr said, “After about five big towels and leaving the back door open for an hour and a half with temperatures at 107 outside, things started drying up.” Mother nature and elbow grease saved the day

Photo Credit: Cara Wohr

Baloo may have gone bonkers that one time but Wohr says it has not dampened her love for Baloo. She said, “He is so funny and a joy to watch. I don’t think he’s going to get tired of the sprinkler anytime soon!”

Photo Credit: Cara Wohr

And Wohr’s not the only one who thinks that way.  Since she posted the funny video on Facebook, the video has gone viral! Can we expect more ruckus from Baloo?

Source: The Dodo

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