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Fur-ever friends: German Shepherd Becomes Best Friends with Ferret



  • Diana Grib is worried that her dog might not like her new pet ferret, instead, the dog happily welcomed it into their home.
  • The German shepherd appears to take her big sister role seriously.
  • The friendship is mostly based on how much they enjoy cuddling up on the couch for their nap. That and their compatible personalities.

There are no height requirements for good friendships.

Diana Grib decided to add a new member of the household, welcoming a pet ferret into her home. The only complication she could think of is that maybe her dog might not approve of this decision as German shepherds and ferrets might not be the perfect match after all.

The doubt soon whooshed from her mind the day Pacco arrived. Nova welcomed the ferret into their home. She soon discovered that their personalities make them compatible, the two became inseparable.

Diana shared the story on one of her posts, “They are very similar and different at the same time,” she says. “What they really have in common is their curiosity, bravery, and playfulness.”

The dog appears comfortable with the big sister role. “She’s very patient,” Diana said. “She doesn’t get mad at Pacco even if he hurts her a little bit while playing.”

Diana finds the little ferret a handful sometimes. No matter, he makes up for it by being incredibly friendly.

“He is nothing like a standard ferret should be,” she added. “He loves to cuddle and give kisses to everyone — me, Nova, or even strangers during our walks.”

There is a growing list of activities these two enjoy: play fighting, running around outside their house, going for long walks, competing in a tug-of-war with a ball, but cuddling up on the couch for their nap is probably what they enjoy the most.

 “It sometimes feels that I own two dogs,” Diana said. “Nova is really happy to just have someone by her side.”

Diana prepared for the challenges that come with ferret rearing, understanding that the task is not easy, but she says she loves it anyway.

“Before I got Pacco, I spent at least half a year gathering information. Still, I’m learning about him every day,” she says.

Everybody could keep an eye on this sweet friendship on Instagram. There is no doubt that these animals and their connection would put a smile on your face!


Source: Inspire More