Girl’s Beautiful Friendship With Neighbor’s Cat Ends Sadly [Video]

  • When out on a walk in their neighborhood, toddler Lainey and her mom met Binx the cat.
  • Binx always ran up to Lainey and even visited her home.
  • Binx’s family is transferring to another neighborhood and the video of Lainey saying goodbye to Binx got the internet in tears.

They are not siblings.  They are not of the same species.  But their love started with a walk and endures until who knows when.  Only time can tell.  Not even distance would take their friendship and love away.

Lainey and Binx first met in March 2020 when Lainey took a walk with her mom along their neighborhood and the adorable black cat, Binx walked up to her. “He took to our daughter quickly and started greeting her as soon as he saw her coming,” said Lainey’s mom Kelly.

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And that started a remarkable friendship between the two which took out the edge of being isolated during the pandemic for Lainey who had no one to play with.  Binx even went to visit Lainey in her house.  It was a match that blossomed out of a mutual need to have a companion.

But even good things come to an end— Binx’s family is moving out of the neighborhood.  At the end of the video clip, an older Lainey with her new sibling is bounding up Binx’s driveway where a “for sale” sign is seen in the front yard.

Photo Credit: @thecolorfulmother (TikTok)

The video is captioned: “We love you Binx” and Lainey is saying goodbye to her faithful companion and friend.  Together with the duo are 1.2 million viewers who are heartbroken at the separation.

As one viewer commented, “I sobbed at the end—our sweet neighborhood pets definitely hold a place in our hearts.”

Photo Credit: @thecolorfulmother (TikTok)

The viewer mirrored what the viewers felt at seeing the farewell scene.  But we are comforted that this is not the end for this beautiful friendship between the two and the memories that they would keep in each other’s hearts. The viewer said, “He was there for a reason, stayed for a season, remembered for a lifetime.”

We’ll be waiting for updates, please. 

Source: Daily Paws

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A tearjerker for sure! Too bad Binx couldn’t stay with his human friend! It’s not everyday a relationship like theirs gets started!!

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