Goofy pup prefers tiny bucket over kiddie pool

  • Centaur first found his love for buckets when he dipped his toes during a heat wave in May.
  • The shelter staff has since given him his very own kiddie pool, but he still gravitates toward his beloved bucket.
  • Centaur has warmed up to the pool after a month, but he still divides his time evenly for his favorite pail.

Meet Centaur, a quirky pup who delights the staff at Austin Animal Center ever since he arrived as a stray on Saint Patrick’s Day. He’s described as “a total goof,” mostly because he prefers squeezing himself into the tiny bucket used for cleaning kennels and play yards.

Goofy pup prefers tiny bucket over kiddie pool
Photo Credit: Austin Animal Center

Kelsey Cler, the shelter’s marketing and communication program manager, hopes that Centaur would get adopted soon, because “he’s starting to struggle in the shelter the longer he’s here.”

The shelter can’t keep up with his high energy!

“He’s smart,” said Kelsey. “He loves to play fetch, and once he gets his energy out, he’s a big cuddler.”

Photo Credit: Austin Animal Center

The staff noticed Centaur taking a dip in the tiny bucket back in early May, during an unusual heat wave in Texas.

Kelsey thought Centaur “just wanted to cool off his tootsies in the water.”

After the shelter shared a photo of Centaur in the photo bucket on Facebook, social media users clamored to get the pup his very own kiddie pool. So, the staff obliged and provided the water-loving pup a lot more space to splash around.

Photo Credit: Austin Animal Center

But even with the bigger kiddie pool in plain sight, Centaur would still gravitate toward the bucket!

For Centaur, the bucket was the perfect size.

The shelter staff had to explain in a follow-up post: β€œWhen we posted Centaur a few weeks ago, some of you (reasonably) suggested getting him a pool. Well, it turns out Centaur is a certified weirdo.”

Goofy pup prefers tiny bucket over kiddie pool
Photo Credit: Austin Animal Center

Centaur eventually warmed up to the kiddie pool after a month.

Kelsey shared, β€œHe absolutely loves the pool now. He especially likes to bob for treats in the pool and, of course, roll in the dirt once he gets out.”

Photo Credit: Austin Animal Center

Still, he makes sure to continue spending time in his beloved bucket.

Kelsey hopes that Centaur will find a forever family who can give him the home — and pool — he deserves. The shelter says the perfect family would be an active one who are willing to take Centaur on adventures.

β€œHe may be a bit much for little kiddos just due to his energy level and bounciness,” Kelsey said. “Whoever adopts him will seriously get the silliest, goofiest boy!” As the shelter said, “Come get yourself a dog with personality!”

For anyone interested in adopting Centaur, you can apply here.

Source: The Dodo

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