Groomer sees photo of a matted dog on Facebook and steps in to help

  • A pet groomer was scrolling through Facebook one day when she came across a post about a matted puppy.
  • A stranger took the dog in and was looking for someone to help the puppy.
  • The groomer quickly offered help to the puppy. 

While scrolling through Facebook, Whitney Samuels came to a halt when she came across a photo of a matted puppy. Someone had found the dog on their property’s edge and taken her in, and they were now looking for someone to help her. Samuels, who works as a dog groomer, realized she needed to take action after seeing the dog’s condition.


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“I couldn’t just keep scrolling knowing that I could help,” Samuels told The Dodo, so she drove 45 minutes to pick up the dog. 

Samuels realized that the dog was also deaf and blind. Samuels believed she’d be able to assist her because she was older and, based on her condition, had clearly gone through a lot.

“She was a hot mess,” said Samuels. “There [was] so much matting [and] so many burs and full-sized sticks stuck in her coat! All four of her legs were fused together by her hair!”

Samuels drove Lucy to her grooming station and immediately got to work. Samuels realized Lucy must be irritated by all of the matted furs, so she handled her gently and carefully but quickly.

Samuels said grooming Lucy was so emotional, and she wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so she can be free from all of it. 

After so much effort, Lucy had finally been thoroughly groomed, and she looked like an entirely different dog.

After her grooming, Samuels took Lucy home to recover while she worked out the next steps. Lucy appeared to be a lot more at ease now that she wasn’t dragging about so much additional weight, and it didn’t take her long to relax and cuddle with her new pals. She also slept for hours after her groom. 


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Lucy is doing well in her new foster home and has adjusted well. She’s happier now that she’s been groomed, and her new foster family is smitten by her sweet demeanor.

Source: The Dodo

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