Guy Gets A Surprise Four-Legged Biking Mate [Video]

  • A cyclist did not expect to be chased by a ram on his solo ride.
  • He managed to catch the hot pursuit on video or else no one would have believed him.
  • The ram turned out to be a farming family’s pet who really loves humans.

When cyclist Keith Ailey went biking on a quiet country road in Canada, he was not expecting to have a companion.  He went on a solo ride and as he was pedaling, he noticed some kind of a black animal in front of him.

Ailey said, “I see a lot of wildlife on the edges of the city, but this was no black bear and it certainly was no dog.”

As he drew closer to the animal, it dawned on him that it was a black ram! 

Photo Credit: Keith Ailey

And it was not contented with just a passing look from him.  As soon as he passed the ram, it turned and chased after him. It ran fast and was determined to catch up on him.

Ailey recalled, “I stomped on the pedals and sped away, but when I slowed down, I could see he was still following! He made up ground quickly and was soon right behind me again. At that point I figured I had better dig out my phone and record this because nobody would believe me otherwise.”

Posted by Keith Ailey on Wednesday, 10 March 2021

And so, he had evidence of the chase.  If not for a truck that pulled over to avoid the two, the pursuit would have continued.  The ram got distracted by the truck and ran after it instead.  

However, the encounter was not a “one time only” thing. Ailey found out that the ram’s name was Ozzy and he lived on a nearby farm. He escaped that day to go on an adventure and that’s when he met Ailey. Luckily, he was able to return home after his running fest with the cyclist.

Ailey said, “I sent [Ozzy’s family] a message to make sure he made it home OK.”  He later visited Ozzy at his farm.

Photo Credit: Keith Ailey

Ozzy may have appeared disgruntled as he pursued Ailey but it turns out that Ozzy does love humans. “And that is likely why he was chasing me,” Ailey said with a smile. 


Source: The Dodo

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