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Handicapped Baby Cow Gets Custom-Made Wheelchair to Help her Walk



  • Ruby Sue, a calf who was born with her back legs fused together, can now run along with her friends thanks to a custom-made wheelchair.
  • Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company, donated the chair so that Ruby Sue can have the physical support she needs to walk.
  • The company has helped all kinds of animals, big or small, live a quality life no matter their disability.

Meet Ruby Sue. This adorable two-week-old calf was born with a rare disability that fused her back legs together.

Photo Credit: Walkin’ Pets

She would have been euthanized were it not for the kindness of the staff at the ‘Safe in Austin Rescue’ ranch in Texas.

Fortunately, Ruby Sue’s disability didn’t stop her from having a happy, healthy life. She was also pain-free — she simply needed physical support to help her walk.

Jennifer Pratt, Marketing Manager for the New Hampshire-based company Walkin’ Pets, explained, “With only her front legs to support her, Ruby was unable to stand or walk on her own.”

So, the pet mobility company decided to help her by donating a custom-made wheelchair.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Now, Ruby Sue can happily run with her friends at the ranch!

Jennifer said that the wheels help Ruby Sue “stand on her own, allowing her to get the exercise she needs to strengthen her front legs and learn how to walk for the very first time.”

Walkin’ Pets has helped countless animals with disabilities for the last two decades.

Their wheelchairs are suitable for pets of all sizes, thanks to their sturdy wheels and soft bands that help support the pet’s weight.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The company has since developed their wheelchairs further so that they can accommodate all kinds of animals — from chickens, ducks, and even tortoises!

They also offer rear wheelchairs, which are designed like training wheels. It is priced from $150 to $400, depending on the size of the animal.

Walkin’ Pets have made it their mission to make sure all kinds of animals, big or small, can live a quality life no matter their disability.


Source: Good News Network