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Heartwarming Video Shows Dog-Kitten Duo Defy Old Beliefs



Quick Smiles:

  • A charming video featuring a German Shepherd named Dexter playing hide and seek with a tiny kitten called Plum has found its way into many hearts through TikTok.
  • The individual who uploaded the video, Anna Rebecca, explained that it acts as a joyful memory of Dexter, who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer.
  • This delightful pair, both rescue animals from a home full of other lovable creatures, break the mold of the age-old belief that cats and dogs can’t be friends.

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Sometimes, joy can be found in the most unexpected places. This was the experience for TikTok user Anna Rebecca (@Anna_rebecca_s), who shared a captivating video on May 17, since charming thousands of viewers. In the video, the affectionate German Shepherd, Dexter is seen interacting in a playful game of hide and seek with the tiny kitten, Plum.

Throughout the clip, Dexter is seen amusingly poking his snout into a gap on the couch where Plum had just disappeared. The moment becomes more intriguing when Plum’s white face shows up from another opening behind a cushion, only to vanish again, as Dexter turns his attention towards her.

This playful interaction has gathered over 400,000 views and received more than 23,000 likes, with many describing it as “very sweet.” The backstory behind the video is just as touching.

While living with a Marbella-based family passionate about rescuing and fostering animals two years ago, Anna Rebecca recorded this heartwarming video. Dexter, unfortunately, has since passed away because of cancer. Anna Rebecca was reminded of this wonderful moment with Dexter by an unexpected notification on her phone.


She explained, “My phone suggested the video to me, and it made me smile. So I decided to upload it. It didn’t blend with my usual content, but it was my unique way to remember Dexter.”

She further commented, “The video was just the first instance I recorded them playing. I love the video because it contradicts the common belief that dogs and cats are natural enemies.”

Debunking this myth, the Animal Humane Society (AHS) has noted in an online resource that many dogs and cats can coexist peacefully and often become friends. However, the AHS also emphasizes the significance of cautious introductions to prevent potential conflicts and to look out for indications of aggression or anxiety.

The lively kitten in the video, Plum, is now three years old. As per Anna Rebecca, Plum and Dexter “often played games together like chasing each other or playing hide and seek,” demonstrating that dogs and cats can indeed have a playful relationship.

Plum and Dexter, along with all the other animals in the house, were rescued by the kind-hearted Marbella family, who currently are caring for eight dogs and two cats.

According to Anna Rebecca, “Plum was adopted when she was a kitten, which eased the introduction to the dogs.” She mentioned they were “vigilant and oversaw everything,” but the dogs “accepted her as one of their own quite quickly.”


The overwhelming response to her video took Anna Rebecca by surprise. Despite the sadness of losing Dexter, she expressed that she was “moved” by the number of people who have watched the video, and she hopes it managed to bring joy to everyone who watched it.

TikTok users shared their enthusiasm for the video with comments such as “The cat won hide and seek,” “That’s brilliant,” and “This is like whack-a-mole!” One user even complimented their gameplay, saying, “The paw kick at the end is wild,” while another highlighted, “cats are very good at hide and seek games.”

The video serves as a tangible reminder of the bonds that can form between our furry friends, revealing the typically unseen playful games they have. It stands as a celebration of the joy they bring into our lives, even after they are gone.


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