Hollywood Legend Dick Van Dyke Turned Early Santa For Jobseekers

  • Jobseekers were surprised with cash by actor Dick Van Dyke as they were lining up outside an employment center.
  • Upon seeing the line, the actor withdrew cash and handed out money.
  • Ninety-five-year-old Van Dyke belongs to the most vulnerable population and thus wore a mask the whole time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unemployment for a lot of people. Local job seekers’ centers have seen long lines in the past year. 

Hollywood icon Dick Van Dyke, 95, of the movie Mary Poppins, had just picked up his groceries at a local store when he saw a queue of job seekers who were left unemployed by the pandemic. After observing them for a while, he could not turn a blind eye to them.

And so, he went to a bank machine and withdrew some cash. He then filled a rucksack with the money and handed them to the people in line from his seat at the car park. 

Photo Credit: Coleman-Rayner

He appeared in high spirits as he talked and mingled with the people and fellow residents in Malibu.

Van Dyke’s age puts him in the most vulnerable population to contract the virus. But, it was reassuring to know that he was wearing a protective mask the whole time he distributed the cash to the people in line.

The Hollywood legend’s wife is Arlene Silver, who is 46 years younger than him. They were married in 2012.

Photo Credit: Coleman-Rayner

The actor started his showbiz career in the 1950s and his breakthrough role was the part of Bert in Mary Poppins back in 1964. He then starred in Chitty Chitty Bang Ban in 1968.

His big-screen appearances include: What A Way To Go, The Morning After, The Dick Van Dyke Show alongside Mary Tyler Moore, and The Carol Burnett Show.

Thank you for your generosity, sir!

Source: MIRROR

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