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Homeless Young Woman Broke Into a “Happy Dance” After Nailing an Interview and Gets Hired! [Video]



  • Kallayah had been homeless for the past 2 years and she desperately wanted a fresh start in life. 
  • That’s why when she nailed her interview at a restaurant, she was so happy that she danced in the parking lot. 
  • Her ‘happy dance’ was actually caught on camera and became viral!

One of the best feelings in the world is that blissful moment right after you get hired for the first time in your dream job. It’s like you’re up in the clouds, you want to jump as high as you can, and shout it out to the world — only if no one is watching. 

That must be how Kallayah Jones felt when she finally landed a job as a server at The Spot, a bar and restaurant located at Decatur, Georgia.

Photo Credit: Facebook

For the past two years, Kallayah has been homeless. She had been into several jobs but lost them because of the pandemic. She was desperate to be employed and start anew. But in spite of it all, it was not desperation that the hiring manager, DaKara Spence, saw in her. The young woman was actually full of cheerfulness and a positive attitude, which makes her perfect for the job! 

“She had a great energy, I felt it as soon as she walked in, she seemed really positive,” DaKara said.

The interview went so well that Kallayah felt like she certainly got it. Little did she know, DaKara still had her eyes on her as she walked through the parking lot. 

Through the security camera, DaKara saw how Kallayah stopped midway, looked around to see no one was watching, and suddenly broke into a dance of joy! 

Photo Credit: Facebook

“I called her phone and I said ‘I’m going to hire you’ and ‘I seen your happy dance so you can continue dancing,’” DaKara recalled. “She was just screaming through the phone and it was just a beautiful moment for me.”

That also made DaKara very happy and inspired, so she shared the video on Facebook and it quickly went viral! 

I just hired this young girl and this was her response ‼️????Posted by DaKara Spence on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

“I just hired this young girl and this was her response,” she said in the caption. 

Kallayah started working officially at The Spot and both girls have become friends easily. DaKara has since found out about Kallayah’s struggles and she’s just so proud of her now.

Photo Credit: Facebook

“Ms. DaKara didn’t know but I was going through so much and at that point when she gave me this chance and this opportunity. I was elated, excited and so overwhelmed to the point where no one understood how happy and accomplished I felt at that moment,” Kallayah said.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Maybe not all of us can pull off that happy dance, but surely we can relate to her. Congratulations, Kallayah! Way to go!

Source: Inspire More