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Instead Of Idling At Home, 15-Year-Old Spends Lockdown Cleaning Up His Community



  • Boys at the age of 15 would have probably spent their quarantine time at home watching movies or playing video games. 
  • But Joseph Beer thinks differently, he spent his entire lockdown cleaning his neighborhood signs.
  • He would go out in the morning, spend all day going around the neighborhood and tidying things up, go home by evening, and do it again the next day.

Amidst the pandemic, Joseph Beer chose to clean his community while the town was on lockdown, instead of just playing video games at home or watching movies — which any boy of his age would probably be doing during quarantine to stay occupied. 

But 15-year-old Joseph thinks differently. He noticed that many signs in his neighborhood were dirty, and untended bushes and trees had overgrown and covered some. 

Photo Credit: Joseph Beer

He wanted to tidy them up so he and his dad decided to go around the neighborhood clearing the signs. 

His mom Lisa, said, most of the time, Joseph would be outside all day and come home only by evening. The bucket of water he brought to wipe off the dirt and grime from the signs would be “black” at the end of the day. Then the next day, he would do it again.

Photo Credit: Joseph Beer

Soon enough, his community noticed his hard work and people are sharing before and after photos of the signs he had tidied on their neighborhood’s Facebook page. Many people were touched by his simple act of kindness and heroism. They even started a GoFundMe page to help him further his cause.

For Joseph, he is happy and contented to just see the big difference of the before and after photos. Still, he does not have any plans of stopping soon. Everytime he goes out, he takes note of the spots that need some cleaning and gets back to tidy it. 

Photo Credit: Joseph Beer

The way Joseph thinks and cares for his community is absolutely inspiring and his hard work is what successful people do to achieve their goals. We believe Joseph will achieve all his dreams in life.

Source: Inspire More