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Internet Falls for Mittens: Playful Black Cat With Extra Toes



Quick Smiles:

  • A petite black feline named Mittens has gained internet fame for consistently embarking on playful attacks within his family home.
  • Owner Sonia Strickland shared a series of video clips on TikTok (under the handle @isntshelovely25) displaying Mittens’ mischievous antics that have captivated millions of viewers.
  • Mittens, uniquely characterized by his extra toes which equate to larger paws, is a bundle of energy and persona making every day a lively affair.

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Mittens, a small black cat, has sparked numerous fits of laughter across cyberspace due to his hilarious antics at home. His human companion, Sonia Strickland, shared the delightful exploits of the little black cat.

Living in the chilly landscapes of Canada, 4-year-old Mittens became part of Sonia’s family after the unfortunate loss of his mother to a coyote. Sonia fondly shares, “The people he came from didn’t think anyone would want him because he had extra toes, but we loved him more due to his giant paws. He is full of personality and character.”

This vibrant persona was prominently displayed when Sonia posted a series of video clips on her TikTok account, showcasing a kitten that, according to her, has “chosen the path of mischief and chaos every day of his life.”

In the compilation of short videos, viewers can see Mittens enthusiastically attacking a peacefully sleeping golden retriever, only to retreat and pounce again – all while the dog remains unbothered.


This energetic invader does not stop there. He continuously jumps on an older tabby cat, whether she’s trying to rest on a bed, attempting to maintain her grace on a chair, or simply going about her day.

Despite his small size, Mittens holds his own against the tabby, nearly twice his size. He stands on his hind legs, chasing her around the room, and is occasionally rewarded with a playful smack on his head.

Adding to the humor, he’s even seen scurrying across a patio door window, possibly using his extra toes for climbing support, in an attempt to create some good-natured chaos.

Born a polydactyl cat, Mittens inherited extra toes due to a genetic mutation, Sonia explained. Animal care resources note that if one parent is polydactyl, there is a 50% likelihood their kittens will also inherit the trait.

This doesn’t pose any health issues for Mittens, aside from requiring extra claw trims. Interestingly, folklore suggests that polydactyl cats can bring their owners good luck.

Reflecting on Mittens’ early days at home, Strickland shared that he was eager to bond with their older tabby cat, perhaps seeking “a mom-type figure” due to the loss of his mother. However, the tabby was not responsive, prompting Sonia to humorously note, “So she wasn’t very kind to him and he matched her energy.”


This resulted in Mittens eagerly trying to involve the tabby in his games, turning her evasive efforts into “a game for him to chase her.” Sonia adds, “Now that they are older, they get along better, but they still have their moments.”

The viral video depicting Mittens’ fun-filled “battles” left TikTok viewers laughing hard. “Clinging to that screen like a frog lol and his lean backs had me screaming,” commented one user, while another added, “These paws were made for bappin’!”

“I can’t, his little hands are so funny,” said another viewer. “A polydactyl black cat is absolute chaos,” humorously observed another user.

Strickland advised those considering a new kitten to introduce the newcomer to other pets gradually, providing separate spaces if necessary.

Ensuring the health of our furry friends is always a priority, as Sonia explains: “Mittens needs regular toenail clippings to ensure his claws don’t overgrow.”

Despite the daily episodes of chaos, Sonia wouldn’t change a thing about living with Mittens. She insists that Mittens is “the perfect combination of crazy and sweet.”



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1 Comment

  1. Donna

    June 22, 2024 at 9:09 pm

    You need to quit spiking Mittens’ water bowl with Red Bull!!

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