‘Kangaroo dog’ with no front legs trains disabled puppy how to walk [Video]

  • Nessie McNubbins, a special eight-year-old Chihuahua, has no front legs due to an unethical overbreeding.
  • Despite her condition, Theresa Loyacano adopted and loved her. Nessie has likewise shown that she can rise above her limitation.
  • Nessie has even taught another special puppy Theresa adopted how to walk.

The death of her pet has led Theresa Loyacano to finding an extraordinary dog that adds purpose to her life.

Two years ago, Theresa of Katy, Texas lost her dachshund. Feeling down but also wanting to fill the hole her deceased dog left her, she found Nessie McNubbins — a name stemming from her resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster as she has no front legs.

Photo Credit: Nessie McNubbins/Facebook

Nessie came from a puppy mill and her abnormal genetic condition was caused by unethical overbreeding. As she’s a pup with special needs, no one seemed willing to adopt her, so Nessie was returned to the shelter over and over again, until Theresa came.

“She had been returned to the shelter multiple times because people didn’t want her, and I couldn’t bear the thought of her being abandoned like that,” Theresa said. “I thought to myself, ‘We need to go get her.’”

Despite her condition, the eight-year-old Chihuahua learned to adapt well by hopping on her hind legs, and this positive attitude of the dog inspired Theresa to adopt two more dogs with special needs. The fur mom then took home Frankie Lou and Ali.

With her positive outlook, Nessie showed Frankie Lou how to walk on her own, like an older sister who wants the best for her sibling. With how they cope with the situation, the two make up a cute “kangaroo dog” pair.

Now, Nessie has been with Theresa for over two years already, and she has definitely become a special part of the family.

Nessie has surely shown hope, to humans and dogs alike.

A “hoppy” salute to you, kangaroo dog!

Source: Inspire More

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