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Little Boy Sneaks Out Of Bed To Cuddle With His Dog [Video]



  • Paige Knudtson rescued a boxer from a local shelter, while she was pregnant with her baby boy.
  • The day the dog was introduced to his baby brother, an instantaneous connection between them was formed.
  • The pair is even more inseparable during night time when there’s more time for their snuggling.

Meet Brutus, the boxer. Paige Knudtson adopted the animal from a local rescue shelter sometime after she found out that she was expecting a baby. She lived in a home with boxers before, so she understands how gentle these animals are. However, she was still surprised about how much the animal has become a part of her baby’s life.

“Brutus is just a big teddy bear,” Paige said. “He loves attention and loves to snuggle with people.”

Twenty weeks in, the soon-to-be-mother found out about structural birth defects that would require multiple procedures. The good news is after seven weeks, and a few complications, the baby is going home with her. His name is Finn. Brutus was introduced to his baby brother that day, and their connection was instantaneous.

“Once we got home, it was as if Brutus just knew Finn needed some extra close monitoring, and he has been by his side ever since,” Paige said.

Their relationship developed into something adorable. Brutus and Finn are inseparable, whether watching the television, playing outside, eating, and napping. The animal hates every moment separated from his little brother. He even developed this habit wherein he scratches at the door or pace outside it until their mother allows him back in.

The pair are even more inseparable at night. This started way back, the animal plops himself on the rug in front of the crib. Today, Finn has moved to a toddler bed which made it easier for their snuggling.

 “Finn just started sleeping in his ‘big boy bed’ a little over a month ago and that is when Brutus began crawling up and sleeping in Finn’s bed every night,” Paige said. “It was as if he laid next to him to prevent him from rolling out of bed.”

Because of this, their mother decided to make arrangements and put them together inside one room. From here on out, both could snuggle up with one another without much hassle. Recently, their mother was able to take pictures of their sweet nighttime routine.

Their bonding moments disregards everything else. Finn climbs out of bed with his blanket to cuddle up with the dog, even when the latter is sleeping on the floor. Brutus does not mind being used as a pillow, as long as his little brother is comfortable.

Source: The Dodo