Mama Cat Extends Nursing Load After Hearing Orphaned Kittens Crying

  • Cotillion was very pregnant when Jamie Gothro fostered her from a San Bernardino shelter.
  • Two weeks after she gave birth, four abandoned kittens also came to live with Jamie.
  • Cotillion nursed and cared for the orphaned kittens alongside hers like they were her own.

When a pregnant cat named Cotillion reached out her extra-toed paw to Jamie Gothro at a San Bernardino shelter, she had no idea that it was not just the catโ€™s toe that was extra, but also extra love.

Jamie fostered the very pregnant cat and knew that it would just be a short time before Cotillion gave birth.ย  And after a few weeks in her care, Cotillion gave birth to two kittens.

When the kittens turned two weeks old, the San Diego Humane Society reached out to Gothro to take care of four orphaned kittens.

Jamie did not know how Cotillion would react to the four new additions in her house as not all cats are motherly to other kittens that are not their own.ย  But she took the chance of housing them in a room next to where Cotillion and her kittens were.

It turns out that she had nothing to worry for when Cotillion heard the kittens crying, the mama cat instinctively looked for them and started nursing them.  Cotillion treated the abandoned kittens as her own and extended her nurse load to them and cared for them.

Jamie said, โ€œShe seemed overjoyed to have them.โ€

Photo Credit: Jamie Gothro

Cotillion keeps all of her babies close, plays hide and seek with them and brings them back to her when they wander off.

Jamie said, โ€œIt has been a blessing to the four bonus babies, who were lucky enough to be raised by a cat, and not strictly by a human. I think that makes the kittens grow into well-adjusted cats.โ€

When the kittens are older and stronger, they will be up for adoption through the San Diego rescue organization, SPOT and so will Cotillion.

Youโ€™re one great mama, Cotillion!

Source: The Dodo

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