Man’s Unlikely Friendship With A Huge Water Snake Has Got Viewers In Awe [Video]

  • A video of a huge water snake coming out of the water to get food from a man’s hand certainly has got the internet intrigued.
  • The man, Tim Jones, befriended the snake and was happy that the snake remembered him and came up to him for food.
  • The water snake is not venomous but has a large number of teeth that can kill its prey.

A friendship between a man and a snake is highly unlikely that is why a video of the two interacting has viewers intrigued. 

Both unafraid of each other, the snake emerges from the water and comes up to the man who is sitting on the dock and takes a snack out of his hand.  Highly unusual and unexpected!

What is even more intriguing is that the man said that the snake “remembers him.” This hints at a relationship that is not new but has been going on for a time already for the snake to be comfortable to be around him and vice-versa.

According to the man, Tim Jones, three diamond water snakes, or Nerodia rhombifer, live behind his house where the lake is. A retired zoo director, he certainly knows how to interact with animals.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

The large female has been over the years, gotten used to him and trained to accept fish that he gives her. 

Jones said, “Not only did she remember me, she really came up to me when she saw me. I’m real happy over that.”

As Jones happily shared, the reason why he has taped up his britches was to avoid the snakes getting into them and crawling on his leg and other parts. 

Photo Credit: screengrab/YouTube

With the way Jones relates his story with the snake, you will realize that no matter how unusual and intriguing his relationship with the snake is, if people and animals respect each other, nothing is impossible.  Man and animals can peacefully coexist.

Source: Inspire More

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