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Married Gay Couple Show The World Their Roles As Fathers [Video]



  • Terrell and Jauris quit their corporate jobs and now work full-time as content creators.
  • They are a gay married couple, and black, with two kids who were born only 5 weeks apart.
  • In their videos, their tagline is that they are the “CEOs of Dreams Really Do Come True.”

Terrell and Jauris Joseph, both 27 years old, are married gay couple, living in their own house, and now they are fathers to two kids born just weeks apart.

The pair from Atlanta quit their corporate jobs and make a living as content creators full-time. Through their videos, they show the audience how involved they are as fathers and they share all the fun they do together as a family — like styling their daughter’s hair or dancing to the latest trends.

“With fatherhood in general and Black fatherhood, I know that historically, [the stereotype is dads] aren’t involved. We can be active in our kids’ lives and give them everything that they dream of, or at least try to,” Terrell told GMA. “Being same-sex parents … we’re not raising our kids to be in a sexual identity or to think a specific type of way other than being open-minded.”

“Breaking all of those stereotypes … bit by bit, I think, has always been our goal,” he added.

They have looked on the internet for inspiration from couples with the same setup as they do but they couldn’t find any so they decided to document themselves instead and become an inspiration to others.

It was Terrel who had always been wanting to have kids and start a family even then when he was only 19. But because they were too young, they doubted adoption centers would work with them nor could they afford the $150,000+ fee for surrogacy. So what they did is hire a surrogate privately. 

Photo Credit: Terrell and Jarius Joseph

The first time they hired a surrogate, she had a miscarriage and they thought it was a failure. So they looked for another one and it was a success — she got pregnant right away! Weeks later the first surrogate contacted and told them it was a false negative and she was actually pregnant!

“Everything was like times two. And I was like, ‘I’m so terrified … I want to be a dad, but like, I can’t do two at once,’” Jarius said. 

Photo Credit: Terrell and Jarius Joseph

There were still a lot of challenges for them. When the first baby was born, Ashton, he was a month premature and weighed only 3 pounds, 11 ounces. But he was strong and recovered in no time.

Then when his sister, Aria, was born, she too was four weeks early — but she too recovered and went home with the Josephs. 
“Looking back on it, it was just perfect,” Jarius said. Their tagline is that they are the “CEOs of Dreams Really Do Come True.”

Source: Good Morning America