Missing Cat Travels 40 Miles To Find His Family

  • The Kutscher family had to leave their cat Oliver in their old home when he disappeared before they could make the move to a new house.
  • Even with weekly visits to look for Oliver in their old house, they just could not find him.
  • While trying to think of how to tell their son the bad news, the cat found his way to the new home on his own, traveling 40 miles.

The song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” must be what the cat Oliver had on his mind as he walked almost 40 miles to reach his owners.

The Kutscher family was preparing for a move from Bridgeport, West Virginia, to Morgantown when Oliver the cat disappeared.  The family cannot postpone the move any longer but decided that they would return to the old house every weekend to check on Oliver.

Photo Credit: Halie Kutscher

Halie Kutscher said, “We knew that we had some time to keep coming back to the old house to look for him, so we were still hopeful.”  But every time that they would return for Oliver, he could not be found.  There was no sign of him and it was heartbreaking to watch their son cry.

Photo Credit: Halie Kutscher

When the house was finally sold, their hope of ever finding Oliver decreased and they would just have to talk to their son. Halie said, “His dad and I did not think we would have to deal with the loss of a pet at such an early age.”

Photo Credit: Halie Kutscher

But while contemplating on how to tell their son, there in their yard was a familiar set of ears inching its way towards them. Halie could not believe that Oliver had found his way to them! “He was just staring up at us. I scooped him right up in my arms … as soon as we got inside, I dropped to my knees and just held him sobbing. He stayed right there with me as the rest of the family and pets gathered around him,” Halie recalled.

Photo Credit: Halie Kutscher

They scanned his microchip at the vet and confirmed that it was indeed Oliver who was tired but happy to be home with them.

The Kutscher family may never know how Oliver managed to reach home but they are glad he is home safe and sound.

Source: The Dodo

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Blog Comments

Love a happy ending!

Amazing, how on earth did he know where to go??

You would be amazed at these babies’ honing devices. Many animals have traveled hundreds of miles to get home or find their owners.

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Praise the Lord!

It’s amazing that dogs and cats have this homing device built right in. They love you and will to any means to get to you. I thank God this ended well.

Carolyn Brack-Jackson

I’m so happy for the this family, losing a pet can be devastating.

and some people think animals are dumb? I am so glad he found you.

Love this story and the amazing Oliver! He is a beautiful boy and so deserved to live his life with his family who loved him.

I do not understand how these animals perform the miracle of finding their family. I guess it has got to be their sense of smell, yeah? What do you guys think?