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Missing Dog Found Alive Two Months Later In A 12-Foot Deep Pit



  • Thirteen-year-old dog Abby has already been missing for two months and was miraculously discovered by cavers in a pit.
  • The cavers who turned into rescuers had to take turns getting her out of the 12-foot-deep pit with a narrow opening.
  • The dog was already skinny but had no injuries and is finally reunited with her owners. 

It was not even meant to be a rescue mission but it turned into one when recreational cavers chanced upon senior dog Abby at the bottom of a 12-foot pit. The main reason why the group of cavers of the Cave Research Foundation was there was they had a weekend project at Missouri’s Moore Cave System.

Upon seeing the dog, the leader of the cavers, Frank Keene, went down the cave, took a photo of the pup and reached out to Assistant Fire Chief Rob Calhoun, who scoured the neighborhood for the dog’s identity.

Photo Credit: Gerry Keene

One said, the pup belonged to a neighbor and so they informed the owner at once.

The dog has already been missing for two months and all the time she was trying to survive in the cave. At the time of the rescue, she was skinny and her pupils were dilated after living in darkness.  The good news is that after a medical assessment, she had no other injuries.

Photo Credit: Gerry Keene

The rescue was not easy for the cavers as it was a completely vertical climb.  One of the rescuers, Rick Haley, fashioned a lift made out of an empty duffle bag and a fluffy blanket to serve as a bed.

Haley unzipped the bag and lowered it down the dog who climbed into the makeshift lift without even much prodding.

Photo Credit: Gerry Keene

Now comes the slow but sure process of lifting her up the narrow opening which took 90 minutes. Haley said, “I have rescued dogs out of caves before, but those dogs weren’t there for long and could be walked out.”

Photo Credit: Gerry Keene

Abby’s dad was there to welcome her out of the darkness and bring her home where she received some tender love and care to make her healthy again.

Exactly a week after, Haley ran into Abby and her owner and he had good news, “She barked at me when I drove up. For a while, she wasn’t even barking, but I think she’s getting back to herself now.”

Welcome home, Abby!

Source: The Dodo