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Missing Dog Who Was Returned Home After Two Months Now Keeps Showering Her Family with Kisses



  • When Roxy went missing in December last year, her family was really saddened.
  • Two months later, her mom couldn’t believe their luck when she found her on a Facebook page of lost pets!
  • As soon as she was returned, she made sure to endlessly shower her parents, siblings, and the rest of her family with hugs, licks, and kisses.

When Roxy went missing in late December last year, it left her whole family heartbroken.

Roxy’s mom, Stephanie McMillan, told The Dodo, “We didn’t know if she got loose off her line or if someone came in the gate and took her. It was awful.” 

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMillan

Stephanie’s kids were also very sad about Roxy’s absence. They looked for her everywhere. They even drove around while calling her name, hoping she would be found. But she was really gone — and it felt like she was never coming back.

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMillan

Two months later, Stephanie found a cat and wanted to check if she was lost and had an owner looking for her. She was checking a list of lost pets posted on a Facebook page when suddenly, she came across a picture of a pup that looked exactly like their lost Roxy. It was unbelievable!

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMillan

Stephanie sent the photos to her husband to verify if it really was Roxy. After confirming the picture together, they immediately messaged the woman who made the post and waited patiently for the response. It was the longest hour and a half of their lives! When the woman finally responded, they agreed to have Roxy brought back home.

At first, Roxy seemed nervous, but when she smelled her mom, she went wild! She obviously missed her mom so much — she started kissing and licking her without end!

And of course, she also missed her dog siblings…

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMillan

…and the kids! But she had to wait until they come home from school to a really big surprise. 

The moment the kids walked in and saw Roxy, they were shocked!

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMillan

And then they eventually became emotional as they realized Roxy is back.

Roxy ran to them and gave them hugs and kisses.

Stephanie’s daughter, Sierra, told The Dodo, “I can’t express how deep my love for her is. She’s such a sweet dog and I’m beyond grateful to have her back home.”

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMillan

Everyone can hardly contain their joy! They had already expected the worst and thought they’d never see Roxy again.

But she really is back and couldn’t be any happier!

Source: The Dodo