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Mom And Dog Wear Matching “We Survived” Shirts After Beating Cancer Together



  • Lily and Samatha became part of the family at the same time and they have been through a lot together.
  • Recently, just months apart they both survived cancer and celebrated by wearing matching shirts that say: “We survived.”
  • Unfortunately, their other dig, Buddy, didn’t make it, but Lily and Samantha will continue to live to give honor to him.

When Samantha Casson and her husband started going out for a date, that was also the time Lily, who was just a puppy then, was brought home by his parents. So you could say that Samantha and Lily joined the same family around the same time. 

“She has always been spunky and full of life,” Samantha told The Dodo. “Since then, we have been through a lot!”

Photo Credit: Samantha Casson

They have since been together from the beginning but nobody ever thought they’d both be fighting cancer around the same time as well.

Samantha discovered she has APL leukemia last summer. She was confined in the hospital for a month and then started chemotherapy for 8 months at home. Lily was always there for her no matter what. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Casson

But after Samantha had remission in March, she found out that Lily, and their other dog, Buddy, both also have cancer.

Buddy didn’t make it unfortunately but Lily was fighting hard! In return, Samantha made sure that she is always there for Lily like the sweet pup did during her hardest days. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Casson

Two weeks ago, after having undergone two surgeries, Lily was declared free of cancer!

“She still has a lot of recovering to do, but is acting like herself and cannot wait to run and play fetch,” Samantha said. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Casson

They have both gone through a lot and won battles together, so to celebrate their victory, she decided to print matching shirts for her and Lily. It says: “We survived,” with a ribbon that signifies fight against cancer.

“Lily and I came into the family at the same time, and now we have beaten cancer just months apart from each other,” Samantha said. “It certainly makes me feel even closer to her because I can’t imagine going through this and not being able to tell people how I feel or when I’m in pain. I decided to make the shirts so that we could celebrate together and show our strength.”

Photo Credit: Samantha Casson

Although it’s sad that Buddy didn’t make it, they will continue to live in his honor. As long as they have each other, we believe there’s nothing in life that they cannot overcome!

Source: The Dodo