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Mom Rates How Her 6 Dogs React To Meeting Santa And Having Photo Taken With Him [Video]



  • When Christmas time comes, one activity that our fur babies get to participate in is the photo with Santa just like human kids.
  • A dog mom took her 6 dogs to meet Santa and take a photo with him and rated each of their reactions.
  • Her ratings ranged from 0/10 for barking and attempting to bite Santa to 1000/10 for kissing Santa.

During Christmas, children are subjected to the “meet Santa, climb up on his knee, tell him your wish and have a photo with him”. But it is not just human children who have to “endure” the activity, fur babies are in on the fun, too! 


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Dog mom Sarah Lazarus took her 6 dogs on an adventure to go meet Santa and she rated each of their reactions to the white bearded man with the glasses in red costume. 

Checkout the ratings and the reasons for the rating here on @willow.the.dane on TikTok and see how each dog showed who they were. 

The ratings ranged from 0/10 to 1,000/10.  The Pomeranian pup Fia would not stop barking and even tried to bite Santa and so she got a 0/10! She just behaved like a typical Pomeranian.

Photo Credit: @willow.the.dane (TikTok)

Which @babyblues agreed to and commented, “Of course, the pom was the most vocal. I have one as well.”

The highest rating of 1,000/10 was given to the dog who gave kisses to Santa and did not stop wagging its tail and smiling.

A Great Dane got a 9/10 because it did not know what was happening but sat still.

Photo Credit: @willow.the.dane (TikTok)

@mercedes10018 commented, “They are all super duper cute.”  And they really are!  And they all tried to please mom even when they were a little nervous to meet the strange man.

@ovoxxi’s even wrote: “WHAT THE HECK KIND OF SANTA?”  Well, for what it’s worth, he was good with the dogs.

And to their mom, congratulations for being able to herd all 6 of them and getting them to pose.  That’s quite a feat.  


Source: Pet Helpful