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Mom Who Tried Bathing Her Big Dog Remembered Why She Needs Pet Grooming Services [Video]



  • Leo, the Dalmatian, is a large dog and super energetic that’s why his mom takes him to pet grooming services for his baths.
  • But recently, Summer Lee decided on grooming the dog herself.
  • Leo tried his best to convince his mom that he does not need baths.

Leo the Dalmatian is energetic. Not once was there something uneventful when he is around. Summer Lee brought him home when he was just a little puppy. Now, one year and a half have passed, Leo weighs more than his mom.

 “He’s a very outgoing and spontaneous dog, [and] loves everyone and every animal (except chickens),” Summer Lee said.

Watch the video below in FULL SCREEN.

She decided that she should bring him over to grooming facilities whenever he needs a bath, considering that her dog is bigger than she is. This, coupled with the enthusiasm and never-ending energy supply from the dog, made her think that this should be the case.

Recently, she decided to take charge of grooming for once. Besides, the dog groomer always tells her that her dog is great when it comes to taking baths. She crossed her fingers and thought that maybe, the dog would be as well-behaved for her.

But, of course, he was not. Leo showed no interest in getting into the tub for his bath. Summer tried her best, but Leo tried twice as hard to convince his mom that there is no need for him to bathe. Instead of settling into the bathtub, he stood with his paws on her shoulders and did everything to convince his mom that this is unnecessary.

 “He was not excited at first about the bath,” Summer said.

Summer decided on picking him up. Leo is about the same size she is, but her determination to succeed pushed her and she managed to place the large dog inside the bathtub. From that point on, the success rate of this dog-grooming project picked up. Sure, it was not as smooth-sailing as she hoped but eventually, the dog complied. Leo settled down and decided that he did want that bath after all.

“After he got used to it, he sat and let me wash him and dry him off. After that he did a few zoomies around the house,” Summer said.

Summer succeeded in this dog-grooming project herself but decided that these things with her dog are better to with the help of professionals.

“I have always paid a groomer to give Leo a bath, until today,” Summer wrote in a post on Facebook. “I can say with pride that I will from now on pay a groomer to give Leo a bath.”

Source: The Dodo