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Monkey on the Loose: Momo’s Great Adventure in Indianapolis



Quick Smiles:

  • Momo was safely captured after a short escapade in the city.
  • “That was more than enough monkey business for us,” shared the local police.
  • Momo’s taste of freedom wasn’t his first; he previously had a small adventure in July!

What a whirlwind for the Indianapolis’ east side residents!

Momo, a sprightly male patas monkey, decided it was time for a little urban exploration.

The neighborhood buzzed with excitement and curiosity when the mischievous primate made his brief escape.

Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were in for a surprise when a reported “aggressive animal” turned out to be Momo, having the time of his life!

Lt. William Carter recounted the playful chase that ended when Momo was found in a bathroom of a house under construction. Imagine the surprise of the brother of Momo’s owner, who was the one to safely capture the cheeky fellow!


The police department’s sense of humor shone through when they declared on their social media, “That was more than enough monkey business for us” to celebrate Momo’s safe capture.

Post-adventure, Momo was handed over to the caring hands of the Indianapolis’ Animal Care Services.

Katie Trennepohl, the deputy director, mentioned that they are currently in collaboration with the county’s prosecutor’s office to decide the best course of action for Momo’s future.

It seems this wasn’t Momo’s first rodeo, though! Trennepohl shared a fun tidbit about the adventurous primate: he had previously escaped in July.


However, after this most recent escapade, his owner received a citation due to Momo’s slightly overzealous approach to freedom.

For those who got up close and personal with our furry wanderer, a reminder has been issued to check with the local health department, just as a safety precaution.

Here’s to hoping Momo finds all the playful joy he’s seeking—safely, of course!