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Neighbor’s Dog Loves Playing Fetch Through Hole In Fence [Video]



  • When Jessica Renee Silvey and her family went over to her sister’s home for some pool bonding, she discovered Harper’s little hole in the fence.
  • Harper is the neighbor’s dog and she loves playing fetch with other people besides her parents.
  • Whenever the dog hears her neighbor’s come outside, she’d rush to her tiny hole and drop a ball for anyone who would love to play fetch with her.

Jessica Renee Silvey and her family were having some bonding at the backyard pool of her sister’s home when she noticed there was a hole in the fence and a pup’s snout was sticking through. She went to take a look and realized the pup was holding a ball. She got nearer to the hole and the pup must’ve realized she was there and dropped the ball at her feet.

“You can’t just walk away when a dog drops a ball at your feet,” Jessica told The Dodo. 

So she picked it up and threw the ball over the fence. Just as quickly, the pup was back with the ball at her feet — and so they started playing fetch. 

Jessica talked with her sister, Adrienne Anderson, and she learned the dog’s name is Harper, and that they always played fetch ever since they lived there.

“We were overjoyed when we first realized we could play with Harper through the fence,” Adrienne told The Dodo. “We had just moved in that December and hadn’t met Harper’s owners yet until we started playing with her.”

Ever since Harper’s parents learned that she’s been playing with the Andersons, the two families have become friends — and neither of them, the pup’s parents nor the Andersons, have plans on fixing that hole in the fence. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Renee Silvey

“It’s an unspoken rule that it will never be repaired,” Jessica said.

Of course, Harper’s parents play fetch with her too but since they can’t do that all the time, the Andersons are welcome to do it with the adorable pup. Harper on the other hand loves playing with her neighbors. Whenever she hears them come outside, she’d quickly go by the fence and wait for someone to play with. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Renee Silvey

The family’s visitors also love playing with Harper whenever they discover her little hole in the fence.

“My 5-year-old daughter played for a bit, and my sister, and her son,” Jessica said. “It was pretty much going on and off all day.” 

Harper’s goal in life is simply to be happy and playing fetch clearly gives her that.

Source: The Dodo