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No one to play fetch with? This golden retriever proves it is no problem [Video]



  • Dog with no one to play fetch with, teaches himself to play the game with an automatic tennis ball launcher. 
  • His goal is to not let the ball bail far and catch it quickly.
  • The Golden retriever has gotten the attention of NFL’ New York Jets and the video viewed 7.2 million times already

The internet has found another new sensation— lightning-fast Golden retriever playing fetch, solo!

The 15-second video doing the rounds on the internet has already gained 7.2 million views. The short but delightful clip shows the golden retriever nudging the automatic tennis ball launcher for the ball to reach the opening and when the ball is launched, he catches the speeding ball at the shortest time and distance possible! Talk about quick reflexes!


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The golden’s excitement shows as he wags his tail in anticipation when the ball rockets in the air in seconds. Over and over again, the thrill for the retriever never wanes. Every time it goes back to the machine and hurtles out, the same amount of enthusiasm is displayed. You would think that playing fetch solo would be boring.  But the golden shows that with a twist and upping the ante on the word fast would make fetch heart stopping.

It is a short but sweet game of fetch for the quick-reflexes and undivided attention of the golden retriever. It is a “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it” game.

The NFL’s New York Jets has already commented “wide retriever No. 1.”

Good job, buddy. You have shown that playing fetch solo at lightning speed can be riveting.

Source: Daily Paws