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One Generous Tip Pays for Weeks’ Worth of Wages as Restaurant Is In Survival Mode



  • A restaurant in Houston, Texas receives a $9,400 tip for a $90.12 meal from one of their regular customers.
  • The generous tip was to help the entire kitchen and service staff now that business is down as people stay in their homes.
  • The $9,400 tip will be split evenly among all staff members, not including management.

Irma’s Southwest in Houston, Texas receives a generous tip from one generous couple who visited the restaurant on March 16. The two leaves behind a receipt that the owner called totally “unexpected”.

The donation would help cover the “entire staff” for this time that business is down, says Louis Galvan, the owner of the restaurant.

Irma’s Southwest | mySA

“We didn’t expect it, to be honest with you,” Galvan said. “They left a gratuity for the entire kitchen and service staff.”

The dinner bill for the couple was $90.12, but the two left behind a $7,500 tip, plus another $1,900 in cash, leaving a total of $9,400 to help the restaurant staff.

Irma’s Southwest | mySA

Scribbled onto the receipt was a message from one of their regulars, referencing the situation restaurants are in today, as millions of Americans are staying inside their homes.

The message reads, “Hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks”.

The generous tip could not have come at a particularly needed time, as the restaurant moved to offer takeout service and a limited menu just two days later, Galvan told CNN.

“We’re just trying to make it to that window where everyone has a consistent paycheck,” Galvan said. “We’re not even worried about profitability at this point. We’re in survival mode.”

The family business started out as a sandwich shop Irma opened in 1988. She passed it on to her son who repurposed the small shop in 1998 and turned it into the restaurant that it is today. Galvan has been running the place ever since.

Irma’s Southwest | mySA

Today, the situation is concerning for this Houston staple since the costumers are confined into their homes indefinitely. For this reason, the $9,400 generous tip is good news for the staff.

 “I think he [the husband in the couple] came here just to [give that tip],” Galvan told Fox News. “They came down here specifically to do that and wish us the best of luck.”

 “Basically, we are going to split that among the staff members, not management,” he told the news station. “So, about 30 people will split the $9,400 evenly.”

The news about the $9,400 tip left at this Houston restaurant by one of their regular costumers first appeared on In the Know.

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